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COSMETICS by Personify Beauty

Personify Beauty exemplifies who we are, individuals on a journey celebrating people, life, and beauty that comes from all identities. We are here to highlight you and the differences each one of us embodies. Celebrating individuality in a world where we can become influenced to be someone that doesn’t represent our true self. 

Personify Beauty is about you, the person on this journey with us. Providing an exceptional level of products is a responsibility we take pride in. Founded in 2020, a year so significant for both the world and each of us, we embarked on a journey to offer you different products from different realms. We are confident they will spark excitement, satisfaction and fulfillment, bringing you infinite memory and joy to PERSONIFY YOUR BEAUTY!

With love,

Enrique and Robert Reyes-Lupo


Browse and discover this new intimate lip collection of a fun array of lip colors and textures to fit any lifestyle. 

Three non-stick lipslicks, with the most beautiful aroma and glistening, luminous shine.

Four lip lacquers in the most beautiful array of colors which will stand the test of time!


Six hand-picked lipsticks offering a cream and matte base in the most beautiful tones from natural to bold.

Five life-defining lip liners to personify exactly the you, you stand for!


This beautifully created 9oz candle is made of a natural wax blend of coconut soy and veggie premium fragrance oils, presented to you in sleek and chic black glass. Possessing the most beautiful notes of sandalwood, amber, mandarin, and le gingembre, this luxurious candle is sure to bring your home warmth and a sense of comfort to you and your family.
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