Renowned stylist and passionate creator, Robert established The Salon by Robert Lupo with the vision of making it the style center of cutting edge salons within the San Francisco East Bay. Raised in the Bay Area, Robert planted his roots in Alameda, California. Robert’s creativity flourished, as he traveled throughout the world as a dancer and choreographer, working in an industry that is influenced by fashion and beauty. There, he honed his skills as a make-up artist and stylist. Extensively trained, he works on all hair types, textures and styles with clients from all parts of the world. His life and career have thrived in the rich culture of the Bay Area, inspiring him to become a meticulous master of his craft and setting trends by creating beautiful hair. The Salon by Robert Lupo is the reflection of Robert’s artistic vision. Passionate about his work, Robert, a world-class stylist, continues to establish himself as a trend setting leader and mentor while maintaining both his classic and contemporary edges. He now brings that unique combination to his own salon.

KHALILA WOLFE @mrskhalila 

Khalila is a Bay Area native, who has 14 years of experience as a stylist. She brings a background in fashion and an innate sense of style to all of her clients. Khalila has an intuitive approach to her work, while staying in tune with the current trends in hair, style and fashion. Whether it is edgy and unique, blunt and bold, or a fluid and seamless look you are after, she has the techniques to create it for you. Khalila enjoys all aspects of hairstyling and believes in listening to her clients wants and needs. She marries this awareness with her own creative flair, to give each individual their own best version of themselves. She truly enjoys the feeling of seeing her clients leave the salon, feeling exceptional.

KAYLA VAN SKYHAWK @skyhawkartistry

*returning to The Salon in March 2021


Kayla started her career in hairdressing in Seattle, WA at the age of 18. At 19, even before she graduated beauty school, she was one of three in the United States to be nominated for the Toni & Guy Hairdressing Awards Competition. Immediately after, she dedicated three and a half years to apprenticing with the owners of a salon in Seattle getting the highest quality and most up-to-date hairdressing education. From then, she worked as a stylist until she decided to relocate to Los Angeles to work in the fashion and film industry at the end of 2015. While she was there she worked on red carpets for the Grammys, movies, music videos for Snoop Dog and Drake, and high-end magazines such as Hollywood Weekly and Basic Magazine. At the beginning of 2018, she relocated to San Francisco to get back to what really makes her happy, which is her daily interactions with her clients and being able to transform everyday people into the best versions of themselves. Kayla has now been a stylist for seven years. She takes pride in her work in making sure she's up-to-date with every trend and technique in the field. There really isn't anything she doesn't know how to do or won't try. Even though she loves both cut and color equally, she really enjoys updos and avant-garde styling the best. Being a part of The Salon by Robert Lupo has been the biggest blessing to Kayla because it feels like she finally found the place she's been searching for all along...a warm, authentic group of talented stylists that make a solid team for anyone to walk in and get a great experience, every time.

ENRIQUE REYES @ejlectric

Growing up as a child, a Libra child...I was always drawn to beauty. I felt a constant pull towards beautiful things of all kinds and found them in most of my surroundings. Eager to learn, I jumped into a receptionist position at a salon and would do makeup touch ups on clients on my own time, while their hair was processing.  Knowing that I had found my passion, I knew the next step was to attend cosmetology school.


I made my way from my hometown in Morgan Hill to San Francisco and enrolled in the cosmetology program at the Aveda Institute. Focusing on my trade and education, I put myself through school working as a MAC makeup artist. Bringing my two worlds of hair and makeup together, I was living and breathing hair and makeup artistry in San Francisco. With an itch to expand my network, I knew it was time to move on and relocate to Los Angeles. Within 6 months, I had landed my first publication with Vogue, which was the launching pad for my career. I was then referred to several fashion stylists in the area, who were looking for a trustworthy hairstylist with a vision for the fashion industry. Working in a fast paced market, I couldn’t focus simply on makeup, coloring or cutting hair. Instead, I was doing it all.


In the summer of 2018 I fell for my soon to be husband, Robert Lupo and made my way back to the Bay Area. I am still making trips to Los Angeles to service clientele, but I have found a home here at The Salon by Robert Lupo. I believe that artistry and technique go hand-in-hand in offering something to all people. Helping people to feel good in the transformation of their look, excites me and leaves my professional cup spilling over. 

ARI EL-WAHIDI @ellewahidii

My love of hair began before I ever thought of going to cosmetology school and becoming a stylist. As far back as I can remember, I was putting on performances with friends, dressing them up and doing their hair. When I was young, we would entertain our parents for hours on end with everyone in high style hairdos. In high school, I styled my friends’ hair for their proms, homecoming dances and even senior portraits. I was on my way to becoming a stylist and I didn’t even realize it.


Robert started styling my hair when I was a young girl. I would watch him effortlessly moving through, not only the canvas of my hair, but I also observed him interact with his clients and coworkers. It was at that time that it clicked for me, that I too wanted to be a part of that type of culture. I decided to attend the Paul Mitchell San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology School.


I have been involved in being a stylist for several independent films and photo shoots, both for up and coming actors, as well as for stylists and designers.  My advanced training includes working with L’Oreal, Bumble & Bumble, Vidal Sassoon, Arroyo, Aveda, and Hot Heads Hair Extensions. 


I loved the hustle and bustle of working behind the scenes and working on sets, but realized that my true passion was creating looks for clients behind the chair. I love providing a style that leaves them feeling and looking a little bit more confident than they were just a few hours before. The esthetic part of styling hair is just as exciting to me as the emotional connection I create by getting to know my clients through the years of working with them. Building these relationships has been my biggest reward to date.


As a young woman Monica has always been into glamming it up! Her love for beauty and glam is what she emulates with her own persona! kind of that Marilyn Monroe type. Specializing in blondes, Monica is extremely seasoned in bringing a fresh blonding with her signature toning to any client. Monica is a warm, and loving person. She is easy to talk with and takes the time to understand her clients’ hair needs. Monica is the type of stylist that is not only your personal stylist, but a true friend as well. She has been committed to her craft since 2002. Upon completing cosmetology school in San Francisco, she was a part of two color apprenticeship programs, including one at San Francisco’s 77 Maiden Lane Salon, in the heart of Union Square. The other was at Di Pietro Todd Salon in Mill Valley and Union Square. In apprenticing for these salons, she was able to perfect her technique and refine her artistry and love of styling hair. Monica completed the Vidal Sasson color and cutting programs. Her passion for hair and continuing her education, in order to keep up on the latest trends, is something she prides herself in. Joining the team at The Salon By Robert Lupo, is a new adventure in her career and one that she is excited to be a part of!

KELLIE WILLIAMS @hellakellie

Long before I bought my first curling iron, my infatuation with hairstyling began. My grandmother used to take me with her to the salon every Saturday for her weekly shampoo and set appointment. The energy of the salon was simply intoxicating to me. The smiling faces, endless chatter, clouds of hairspray and upbeat music made me feel like I was living in a movie. At the time, I had no idea the effect those Saturdays would have on my future.


After 15 years in the industry, what I love most is the connection I have with each client. It is more than just hair, it’s the *people* who make my career so wonderful. My Vidal Sassoon training gave me a strong technical foundation for haircuts, and the benefit I gained from my time at the Bumble and Bumble University was immeasurable. It was there that my creative eye came alive and became more focused. Learning how to see past a basic cut and tailor it to each unique face shape and individual hair texture, elevated my skill set to a whole new level. After returning from my classes in New York City, one of the greatest rewards I found was in teaching my fellow stylists all of my newly acquired knowledge. Sharing techniques and renewing passion in others is an amazing feeling. I believe there is always something new to learn and regularly continue my education.


I find my biggest source of inspiration in street style. Everyday people putting their own little twist on life reminds me there are no right answers when it comes to style - only the right look for you. Embracing your hair’s natural texture, producing an air of effortless style and exuding confidence is the way to go. Pixie haircuts, bold color, curly hair and choppy bobs are my absolute favorite heads of hair to work on. But who doesn’t love soft, flowing, long layers with natural highlights and tons of dimension? I will forever love the vibe of the 1970’s. 


Outside of the salon I like to keep myself busy and active. Hiking, running, digging through thrift stores, tickle wars with my son, art galleries with my husband, and an occasional karaoke night out with my besties are my favorites. I try to fill my life with joy and appreciation no matter how I am spending my time.


Steven is a Bay Area local who has more than twenty-two years of experience in the hair industry. He specializes in natural, sun-kissed color and sleek, meticulously applied keratin treatments. Steven's core focus is creatively collaborating with each client to create an end result beyond what they thought was possible.

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